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ARSG’s Animas River Basin databases are collections of geochemical and biological data gathered since 1990 to the present. Data has been collected by a multitude of agencies, stakeholders, and private corporations. The data is available as an Excel spreadsheet format. The water quality databases are updated at least once a year.

Flow gauges are maintained by the USGS and Southwestern Water Conservation District at the mouths of Cement Creek (CC48), Mineral Creek (MC34), the Upper Animas at Silverton (A68), and on the Animas below Silverton (A72). Real time flows can be obtained at Current Water Data.

Gauged flows are corrected by June of the following calendar year. Separate columns exist for instantaneous and daily mean flows. Monthly water quality samples are taken and analyzed by the BOR and CDOW at each of these gauging stations and results are compiled into the ARSG database.

The water quality databases include water quality and flow information from area streams, abandoned draining mines, and some wells and springs

Water Quality Observation Types:

  • +6254 Water Quality Samples
  • 173 Drainage Mines (adits) sampled at least twice
  • 260 Mine Waste Sites (leach tested)
  • 7 National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits exist in the Upper Animas Watershed
  • +15 Seep/Spring samples

Not all sample observations have been given a type classification.

All parameters in ug/l except where specifically noted in column heading for that parameter.

The complete water quality data file is now too large for many servers to download. Therefore it has been divided into several spreadsheets which you can compile as several worksheets within one or more spreadsheets. Begin by first downloading the Directions, Codes, and Site Keys Excel spreadsheet (note that it consists of six worksheets). Next download the data from the specific basin or sub-basin you are interested in as described below:

Water Quality

The following leach test and macroinvertebrate data are available in separate Excel spreadsheets: