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Bonita Peak Mining District Oct 2017 update»

Read about the recent activities at the Bonita Peak Mining District: here Visit the Bonita Pea Mining Distict Website

ARSG Prehearing Statement»

BEFORE THE COLORADO WATER QUALITY CONTROL COMMISSION STATE OF COLORADO PREHEARING STATEMENT FOR CONSIDERATION OF CHANGES TO WATER QUALITY CLASSIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS FOR SAN JUAN RIVER BASIN, REGULATION #34 (5 CCR 1002-34) PERTAINING TO THE ANIMAS RIVER WATERSHED, THE ANIMAS RIVER STAKEHOLDERS GROUP Background The Animas River Stakeholders Group (ARSG) was initiated in 1994 by the Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) to try to resolve water quality issues involving metal loading in the Upper Animas River Basin ( defined here […]

San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference, May 24th & 25th»

The San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference made a full tour through the mining communities of southwestern Colorado over the past six years. After stops in Silverton, Lake City, Creede, Telluride, and Durango, the event returns to Ouray in 2017. The conference has featured presentations and discussions about the history and heritage of mining in the San Juan Mountains, contemporary hardrock mining practices, alternative remediation approaches to legacy mining impacts, and the regulatory frameworks for both. Now is the time […]

Upper Mineral Creek Update January 2017»

As you know, water quality in upper Mineral Creek has greatly improved because of remediation projects near the top of the basin – eight by ARSG, three by Sunnyside Gold Corp/Gold King Mine Corp, and one by the Forest Service. We were planning to ask WQCC to add an aquatic life classification to the creek above Burro Bridge. The fish and macroinvertebrate data clearly show that such a designation is appropriate. Unfortunately, when an aquatic life classification is added to […]

Bonita Peak Mining District November Meeting Info»

Fall Update Community Meetings Tuesday, November 15, 2016 7pm to 9pm For more information: Bonita Peak Mining District Meeting Information

News and Items of Interest»

Dear Stakeholders – Several items that may be of interest. First, USGS, working on behalf of EPA and BLM, has been investigating fish habitat and doing some electro-shocking to determine presence or absence of fish in certain locations. They found some brook trout of several different age classes near Burro Bridge in upper Mineral Creek (the road to Ophir Pass). Twenty years ago, this stretch of creek was devoid of aquatic life, but since that time, there have been 12 […]

Denver Post Article about the EPA and Gold King Mine »

Here is a link to a recent Denver Post article. The article doesn’t mention all the work that has been done in the past with regard to mine remediation. It has some really nice pictures that you will probably enjoy. Denver Post Article

Comments on Jonathan Thompson Article »

Although Mr. Thompson has written an excellent description of mine drainage, When our river turned orange, High Country News, August 9, 2015, and the complexity of problems related to the Gold King release he falls short of adequately describing the processes of “acid mine drainage”. Iron pyrite is a common sulfide mineral in many geologic environments. It slowly oxidizes in the presence of water and oxygen leading to the release of sulfuric acid and ferric sulfate. Although many ecosystems contain […]