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    • Animas River Stakeholders Group Meeting
      Thursday, April 27, 2017
      Silverton Town Hall
      1360 Greene St.
      Silverton, CO
      1:30 to 3:30pm




      1. Update on WQCC Proposal (sampling Mineral Creek) (No EPA data being used by WQCD for Animas analysis.)
      2. Testing New Technologies
      3. Meetings for Citizen Goals for Bonita Peak Superfund Site
      4. Reducing the Likelihood of Invasive Species at Reclamation Sites
      5. Preliminary Results from Sunnyside’s Spring Sampling of the Animas
      6. Hazard Quotients Calculated at the Gages


      Possible Agenda Items for Next Meeting


      • Detailed Discussion of Arrastra Gulch
      • Detailed Discussion of Mineral Creek

    download agenda


  • View Draft of ARSG Timeline for Reducing Metal Loading in Upper Animas River Basin