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ARSG In The News

Future of Animas River Stakeholders Group uncertain
  • – Durango Herald      February 25, 2016

After a delay for Gold King Mine spill, Bill Simon, co-founder of the Animas River Stakeholders Group, finally enjoying retirement
  • – Durango Herald      January 11, 2016

At Bullion Mine, project keeps waste under control
  • Bullion King Mine being successfully treated
  • – Durango Herald      September 12, 2015

Animas meeting moves to Durango
  • The Animas River Stakeholders Group made its way downstream Tuesday, holding its first meeting in Durango in almost two years.
  • – Cortez Journal      September 24, 2015

In wake of Animas River catastrophe, Bennet will back Good Samaritan law
  • Legislation could open the door for more mining reclamation
  • – Durango Herald      August 15, 2015

Could Collaboration Have Averted The Gold King Mine Waste Spill?
  • Audio: Peter Butler of the ARSG Speaks to Ryan Warner
  • – Colorado Public Radio      August 15, 2015

The Animas River Stakeholders Group, et al., offer $45,000 prize in search for solutions to pollution
  • Last week, the regular meeting of the Animas River Stakeholders Group took on the feeling of a jolly, if intellectually fraught, Nobel Prize committee debate
  • – Coyote Gulch      April 24, 2014

Solutions posed for Animas River toxins
  • Tests look good, but field work still to come.
  • – Durango Herald      November 22, 2013

Silverton not ready to bid farewell to mining
  • Since it left in 1991, economic prospects have suffered.
  • – Durango Herald      August 6, 2013

A legacy that won’t die
  • Mining in Silverton a long tradition that some want to return
  • – Durango Herald      August 3, 2013

A Pollution Solution
  • Limestone plant one fix, but players can’t agree on who will pay for it.
  • – Durango Herald      August 5, 2013

Shelter From a Legal Storm?
  • Good Samaritans leery of liability in cleaning up mine wastewater near Silverton
  • – Durango Herald      February 19, 2013

New flexibility may aid mine cleanup
  • Udall: New reading of rules could ease liability worries -Leigh Giangreco
  • – Durango Herald      December 12, 2012

River Group seeks Solution
  • Problem-solvers tapped for mine drainage fix – By Dale Rodebaugh
  • – Durango Herald      October 19, 2012

Shock the Waste
  • Pilot project treats toxic metals flowing into Animas River – By Dale Rodebaugh
  • – Durango Herald      September 25, 2012

Study puts higher price on Cement Creek cleanup
  • 5 alternatives examined to lower heavy metals – By Mark Esper
  • – Durango Herald      September 20, 2012

Saving Silver Ledge
  • Consortium tries to salvage mine’s old headframe – By Dale Rodebaugh
  • – Durango Herald      September 7, 2010

Silver Ledge Mine Cleanup 2010
  • by Biscuit Boy Productions