ARSG Presentations and Tours since Gold King Spill»

  1. Tour Guide, La Plata County Commissioners and Staff
  2. La Plata Forum – Business Group, Durango
  3. Tour Guide , EcoFlight – sponsored by San Juan Citizens Alliance
  4. Rotary – Business Group, Durango
  5. Southern Ute Indian Tribe Environmental Dept. Staff – Silverton
  6. Animas Grange – North Valley Residents (with Ann Oliver, Animas Watershed Partnership)
  7. 5 Rivers Chapter, Trout Unlimited – Durango
  8. League of Women Voters – Durango
  9. Colorado Forum – Business Group, Denver (with Bill Gardner, Silverton, Liane Jollon, San Juan Basin Public Health, Mike Wireman, Ret. EPA)
  10. Rocky Mtn. Land Use Conference – Denver University Law School, Denver (with Jonathan Thompson, High Country News, and Clifford Villas, Ret. EPA CERCLA Attorney, Law Professor, U. of New Mexico)
  11. Kiwanis – Business Group, Durango
  12. Rail Runners – Silverton Narrow Gauge, Durango
  13. Senior Seminar – Fort Lewis College
  14. Southwestern Water Conservation District Annual Seminar – Durango
  15. Tour Guide, Rail Runners – Silverton Narrow Gauge, Durango
  16. Minnesota State University Students – Silverton
  17. Tour Guide, Sen. Cory Gardner, Region 8 Administrator Shaun McGrath (with Steve Fearn)
  18. New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute Conference – Farmington, NM
  19. Regional Tribal Operations Committee (Environmental Staff from Numerous Native American Tribes) – Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Ignacio
  20. Water Law Institute Conference, Law of the Rio Grande – Santa Fe (Steve Fearn)
  21. Panel Discussion, Leadership La Plata
  22. Tour Guide, Local Teacher’s Group, Mountain Studies Institute
  23. Panel Discussion, Colorado Water Quality Forum Retreat – Breckenridge